Monday, May 07, 2007

Who is she?

It was yet another dull,sombre saturday evening.
I was going to my native and I boarded the government
bus to Dharmapuri in Krishnagiri and when I am
about to open Vikatan Magazine,an angel passed by.
Yep,you read it right.It was an angel!.
She was fair,simple,but amazingly beautiful and
wearing a light color chudithaar(Does it has brown shade?)
She sat some two seats in front of me.

When I was contemplating whether to go
and sit near her, two persons came and sat near her.
The bus started and it was slightly drizzling outside.
The two persons started talking to her on
the midway.I some how over heard her name
in the due conversation.

The bus arrived at Dharmapuri by 7:30 in the
evening.She alighted and started walking.
I just called her.

"Excuse me"

She turned back and saw me.

If looks could really kill, I did be dead by then!

I can see her beautiful face in the
streak of sodium vapour lamp light.
There is one distinct feature on her
beautiful face that no one can miss.

"You are looking amazingly beautiful",I told her.

She was surprised,taken aback,but pat came the

"I didnt ask you"

"No,it is just a complement"

"Thank you!!"
And she boarded the bus to Mettur and
she is gone!!

Who is she?


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    wait for some more time.. her boyfriend will tell you :-P...


  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    wait for some more time.. her boyfriend will tell you :-P...


  3. otha bus la pogum poodhu figara site adichatha oru blog eludhana.. Naan ellam ethhana blog da elutharathu?

  4. Anonymous1:46 PM

    May be an angel as u think & u might get her back when u step down to your country after a year or so

  5. good story line but i expect more from sen...

  6. How was the trip? How is Munich getting along with?

  7. Thedal padalam start agiducha :)

  8. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Machhi, as you have told she was an Angel, I would tell that Angels doesnt stay with better forget her and find some good GB..
    I think you know who is the the guy who has replied by seeing GB..

  9. Analum unakku konjam thairiam jasthi... It's nice to read such anecdotes. Though a small one every one will have such an incident and make us feel happy.

    Thaniya poona thaan complement kudupeengalooo...

    Angel nuu sonniyee inum konjam nalla express panni irukkanum. yenooda Angelum Unnoda Yenjalumm vera verayaa irumppanga.

  10. Dai storyaa complete pandra!!!!

  11. Dhruba8:40 PM

    hey senthille ......... what was that all about??? in the first place, after your compliments , you should dragged her to your..:-)

  12. Heey Dhruba,
    Hmmm..I think
    I will meet her sometime in
    the near is
    a small world and thats why.!!

  13. pongada , poi pozhappa paarungada :)

  14. u really need to go to Dharmapuri every week-end till you find her again:)

  15. Anonymous9:24 AM

    athu en thangachi.

  16. Anonymous9:25 AM

    athu en thangachi

  17. If looks could really kill, I did be dead by then!//

    :) Nice...


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