Thursday, June 14, 2007

The 100 Euro chase!!

Guten Tag!
Get up at 6:30 in the morning.
Contemplate on going for a jog.
Tough decision.
Postpone it for one more time..!!
Clean up the mess created by yesterday's cooking.
Put rice in the cooker.
Take a quick shower.
Kick the lazy room mate
to take bath.

Have corn flakes by looking at the cute German
school kids through the window.
Suddenly become nostalgic.
Think about your school days.
A loud thud behind. Come back to reality.
He finished his bath.

Switch on the TV.
George W Bush and Condi discussing the
strategy for war on terror on CNN.
Enjoy thier comedy.
Pack up the lunch. Oops getting late for
the 8:05 Metro train.Run.Board the train.
Why the hellll it is goddaaamn punctual.

An indian girl in the train.
Does she resemble her!
Yes,the big eyes and the sweet
warm smile resembles her.
Bheege hont tere...!!
Breifly think about her.

As Al Pacino said in the movie, Scent of a Women.
"A life is lived in an instant"

Admire the monumental Munich olympics stadium and the tower.

Look at the ads displayed in the train.Read it.
Correlate it with the context.

Read the german newspaper scattered in the train.
Try to understand the meaning,correlate,assume,
link the words,pictures,learn the language.

Alight the train.Reach office.
Ooops where is the Ritter Sport eating French damsel!!

Have a look at the Alps through the window.

Briefly browse for TN politics news
and while tasting Wiener Melange.

Go to
Oops why theeeeeeee hellllll
Rupee is appreciating against
Euro..again murphy's law..!!

Start the day.
3G,clearcase,L3,RRC,Rational real time,
compile,testing,not working,not working,finally working..!!
Get engrossed.

Suddenly something..
A mail from a friend regarding superstar's Shivaji release
in Munich on 16th June.Feel happy.Book tickets.
Brag about this to ur friends in US and India.

Lunch.GMAIL.Again get engrossed in work.
Tea break at 4:30
Leave by 6:30
Board the train.

Why the hell I am working in an alien land
among alien people.Feel like boarding the next flight
and go to Bangalore where my friends are..but..
I have got a reason to stay, a crazy reason, a crazy reason
only me and my friend knows.

Reach home.Chop onions,prepare dinner.

Call up your relative.
"When are you getting married"-will be the first question.
Smile it away.

Call up your close friend.
"Machha, I am getting married..!
The girl said okaay even after seeing meee!!
Will you be coming for the marriage"
Dont have an answer.
But,he is my close friend!!

Call up mom.
Hear the sweetest voice.
Feel the warmth of the love.
Tell her will be back to India
soooooon...but when??,GMAIL chat.

Have a walk in the cold night with
your room mate.
Ponder over the uncertainity of life by gazing
at the full moon night.
Plan the next move.

Come back home.
Auf Wiedersehen...!!


  1. Hi Senthil , nice article .. This reflect our life in Alien Countres which we desperately wanted to visit when we were in India ..
    Never get upset with your routine work .. Keep yourself busy with the activites like 1. getting a new girl friend, 2. Boozing everyday ..
    he he he ...

  2. just another desi !!!.... try breaking routine, be spontenous....its much fun....

  3. Looks like there is a heavy censorship in this article on your activities...c'mon Senthil...mention all those bad things you do too ;)

  4. Jayaraj4:59 PM

    Athu enna da topic 100 Euro!!
    German Fig kooda kadal podarathu.. Night Club poorathau ellam unga routine la illaya?

  5. HI Senthil,
    Nice Inscription,

  6. hmmm....hangover, India hangover !

  7. Great senthil...another fentastic write up da ....u have got such a nice talent to make us in ur shooes ....keep doing da ....

  8. Sachin and Jayaraj,
    I dont knw/understand wht u guys are talking about..: -)

  9. Arun(faculty)6:31 PM

    aama da nee kuzhandha unakku onnuma theriyathu paru ...

    gute article. :-)

    enjoy your stay over there da

  10. Good one. Keep posting another article what u do on weekends

  11. Good one Senthil......


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