Monday, May 11, 2009

What every tamil should do on May 13th

Please ask your Parents/friends/relatives not to vote for
Congress,DMK and its allies who are complicit in the genocide of tamils in Srilanka.
It will be a greater sin if we vote for congress,DMK or its allies in this election.

Ask them to vote for ppl whom they think will save the tamils.
It might be AIADMK and its ally or use your good judgement to vote
for the candidate in your constituency, but please never vote for
the congress candidate who have got blood in their hands.

UN estimates say atleast 8000 people would have got killed by SL army
in the last 3 months.Yesterday itself some 2000 people were killed by
the genocidal srilanka government with the help of indian congress government.

Had TN CM Karunanidhi withdrawn support during last deepavali(his first enacted drama),
congress government would have gone and atleast the number of people being killed
with the help of Indian government would have reduced.
He back-stabbed tamils by not doing anything, inspite of being in power.

And this lady from italy should atleast think that people being killed as human beings
if not tamils.

For ppl who live outside tamilnadu, please call up your parents/friends
and realtives and ask them not to vote for the congress which is directly involved
in the genocide of tamils.You need not be a tamil to do this.As a human being, it is
the least thing that we can do.

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