Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to know you are in late 20's

Its good that initially for first one week there was no internet connection in our new house when we moved in.
Even though it was difficult without net I was happily reading Sujatha's Sujathoughts.
Therez an interesting article.How to know you are in late 20's.
Some of the points below are "inspired"(no, no not copied..!) from that article.

1.The cricketers/heros you worshipped and the actress you were crazy about
would have been consigned to oblivion.Your college going cousins will remind
you of the latest sensation in cricket/movie industry.

2.Your priorities would have changed.You have more things to worry about in life
than following the latest Ashes tour or watching the latest movie.

3.For people who are married some 5 or 6 years back,career and
family will be looming heavily over your shoulders,sex might have taken back seat
and for people who are about to get married it will be different.

4.You realise the importance of MONEY.

5.You understand the burden of responsibility,say,when you get married or
when your first child is born or When your father discuss an important family decision with you.
No matter what, you cant escape this.Responsibility will be thrusted upon you.

6.You would have certainly lost your innocence.
Say,after the betrayal from your relatives/acquaintances.

7.You would have met some people who are really nice leaving behind sweet memories.

8.You understand that life is a roller-coaster ride,sometimes fairness is a fairytale and not always
the most deserved will win.

9.Your thought process would have been honed,some of your long held beliefs would be shaken to the core.
Federer can be beaten!England can win a Ashes test against Australia..!!
Anyone remember Hansie Cronje's match fixing scandel and the ignominious end..?

10.The sheer fun of getting into an argument,fight would have subdued.

11.You realise one can easily get away with "anything" provided if they are powerful.
Anything applies to everything that you can think of.
Didn't Mahinda Rajapakse went scot-free after carrying out a genocide of huge magnitude?

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  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    The definition of GOD was indeed nice :)


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