Friday, April 27, 2007

Bangalore-I love this city and love to hate this city...!!

"It was the best of times,
It was the worst of times,
It was the spring of hope,
It was the winter of despair.."
Charles Dickens's immortal lines
may very well serve as an
analogy for Bangalore.
You can find the best of the city and
in the next moment you can end up
seeing the worst of the city.

You can have a pleasant evening stroll
in the boulevard's of bougainvillea
trees with purple color Jacaranda and
yellow color Tabebuia flowers
adoring the west of chord road,vijay nagar
and in the next moment you may
end up in the huge traffic jam on the Magadi road.
I love this city and love to hate this city.

You can find varieties in virtuosity.
You may see an insane crowd banging heads to the
numbers of Iron Maiden's Steve Harris
and in the very next day you can
see people queueing up in Rangashankara for
getting mesmerized to Kadri Gopalnath's Saxophone
or just there in kalakshetra to engross themselves in
danseuse Sobana's classic Bharathanatyam.
Glamour glares but simplicity soothes...!!

It is a cultural shock for a guy like me
from Tamil Nadu to see hotels
with hoarding that displays-
"Family bar and Restaurant",
and rather surprising to see
auto drivers speaking almost
all the south-indian languages and
Hindi at ease!!

After a tough days work in office,
the poor bachelors can always taste their
kind of food in kaaraikudi or kairali or in Gonguraa's
but the long wait in queue will make you to think of
getting married just to have good home food!!

But it is not always the best of the things
that makes you to love the city and not
always the worst of the things that makes
you to hate the is the people,
the culture, the ethos that makes
you like the city.And this multi-ethnic
cosmo have it all.

You can curse the traffic snarls,
imprecate the BMP for the all the
havoc that was created by the rains,
but there are so many things in Bangalore
that makes you love the city.
The reason may vary from person
to person,but every Bangalorean
have got a reason to live here,have
an affinity towards this city...

Just imagine having an evening
walk with the angel you love by holding
her hands in the rain drenched
boulevard's of west of chord road
adorned with purple Jacaranda....!!
Isnt it the best place to live...

I love this city and love to hate this city!


  1. Every City has a reason to be loved and a reason to be hated. And like the old saying goes "Nothing in this world is perfect".

    Love Bangalore for its ability to provide work to people from all parts of India.
    Hate Bangalore for the same reason which is gradually turning it from the City of Gardens to a city with concrete jungles.
    This city is sometimes too lifeless.

  2. nice . very nice .... wish u had seen the bangalore of 80's N 90's .... you could only love this city...


  3. அடங்கொக்கமக்கா.... கவிஜையாடா???


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