Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shame on you Indian Prime Minister!!!

Shame on you Mr.Manmohan singh! Aren't you aware of the news of Indian
Tamil fisherman getting killed by sadistic Sinhala srilankan army.This news
has now become a daily incident in Raameswaram and Nagapattinam
districts in Tamil Nadu.And worse,you give weapons to Srilankan army which
they use to do ethnic cleansing and commit genocide of tamils in their country
and to kill your country fisherman.Do you ever know the pain of Indian
fishermen who are getting killed brutally by Srilankan army using the weapons
given by India.Shame on you Mr.Prime Minister!

What kind of foreign policy does you and your government follow
which helps Srilanka to kill your Indian fisherman.What kind of sadistic
aristocrats and "intellectual" advisers you have in your PMO to script
this kind of foreign policy? Had this happened to an American citizen
hell would have broken loose, they would have been up in arms and
waged a war on that country.American newspapers would have
cried foul,spit venom on that enemy state.I don't know what Indian
media is doing, they go into selective amnesia and deep slumber on these
kinds of news.Or they just put it in small paragraph in the last pages of
the paper as if it is just another news.The cheif minister of TN thinks
writing letter to the PM asking him to take action is enough.
You don't have the moral responsibility to rule this country
Mr.Manmohan Singh,when you cant take action to stop this killing
of your own country man.Shame on you Mr.Prime Minister!

Will our country give weapons,radars to enemy state like Pakistan to
kill our Indian people in kashmir.Will our country give weapons,radars
to enemy state like Pakistan to kill our Punjabi brethren in India.Then
why the hell you give weapons and radars to srilanka which they use,
not only to kill our Indian fisherman,but also to commit genocide of
tamils in Srilanka.What is the point in being a nuclear state and south
asian super power when you cant take action against the killings of
Indian fisherman.Mr.Prime Minister,leadership is action, it is not
keeping mum and turning a blind eye towards this incident.
Shame on you Mr.Prime Minister!

How did you feel when you met the president of Srilanka Mr.Rajapakse?
Don't you feel ashamed of shaking hands with a country's president
whose army kills your own country man.I think diplomacy,foreign policy and
strategy are the political jargons that you and your PMO spokesman
use to hide your in actions.Do you ever remember the pledge you have
taken while taking oath as Prime Minister.
Are you a Sinhala stooge or Indian Prime Minister?
shame on you Mr.Prime Minister!Shame on you!!!


  1. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Really the PM needs to answer this!
    Well expecting answers from puppets and political novices is foolish!
    The entire indian public needs to undergo holocaust experiences to understand the pains of war.
    North - centric politics and majoritarian partisanship are the hall marks of this great country!!!

  2. Balaji12:37 PM

    Its really shame on us having this guy as PM. He behaves the way that TamilNadu is not part of India. Very often he has expressed his feelings when one or couple of north Indians died in Australian's attach and never raised voice when it happens to Tamilians. Dont now when we are going to change our election system, which would help us to choose right ppl.


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