Sunday, February 24, 2008

US Recession,Happy Days and Barack Obama.

Well, don't get perplexed by the topic...

Happen to read the first chapter of Barack Obama's, "The Audacity of Hope" in NY Times. Pretty interesting! Tells about his trials and tribulations in a subtle way with out much whining. Seems he has endured the inescapable restlessness and uncertainty in his career and the general impatience one is bound to be face in life. Some of the lines in the chapters are heartfelt. You can identify yourselves in those lines. When telling about his congressional defeat in 2000 elections, he says,” It was an ill-considered race, and I lost badly-the sort of drubbing that awakens you to the fact that life is not obliged to work out as you'd planned” and after reaching the limits of the failure in his career he says,”... he realizes that he's gone just about as far as talent or fortune will take him. The dream will not happen, and he now faces the choice of accepting this fact like a grown-up and moving on to more sensible pursuits,.....”. Worth a read.

Now a days people started talking about recession.(jerk..!!).The US recession, the economic slowdown or what ever ill fated word you can use to refer the business people and (software)engineers nightmare. 2001 passed out engineering students knows the pain of recession.Dream jobs, fat salary, making plans of buying a bike in the first month salary , dreaming about riding it with your girl friend, and when you are about to savor it, comes the harsh ruthless reality of life. The uncertainty. The uncertainty in the form of recession. Dot com bubble burst, accompanied by Sep 11 incident triggered that one. As the Democratic candidate said, life is not obliged to work out as you'd planned!!

After a bit of googling,when trying to make sense of what triggered(or is triggering) this recession,am forced to read about Subprime mortgage crisis, Credit crunch,Federal rate cuts, slowing wheels of economy, cascading effect,Domino effect.If I want to switch my job, then do I have to ponder about all the uncertainties involved?. Kadavulee....As Thomas Grey said, Ignorance is Bliss...!!

I think it is time to think about starting my own business or start doing
agriculture in my native.

Of late I have started watching Telugu movies.The nativity,style,taste of the movies is all most same like Tamil movies.Tholiprema is the first telugu movie that I have seen. Saw the dubbed version Ananda Mazai in Harshini theatre in coimbatore during my college days.Then again saw the movie twice in the next few days.  Really really good..!! Aarya,Athadu,Varsham are very entertaining.Seems now a days telugu heros dont wear dark yellow or dark red color shirts.
Watched Sekar Kammulu’s Happy Days yesterday.A college life movie with a happy ending.You will feel nostalgic after watching it.The interesting thing about the movie is that we can identify ourselves in the movie in some character or the other and what not Tamanna is cool...!! I am impressed with Sekar Kammulu’s first movie AnandGodavari is too good.Even though I cant understand each and every dialogue, Godavari is a different movie, a movie which portrays the tender human emotions,with out melodrama.Watching the movie is like spending a solitary pleasant evening in the sands of the river side.Director Sekar Kammulu is a US are right, a Software Engineer.

Hmm one more venture to try if recession hits...!!


  1. Senthil Article super....
    unnoda ulaga arivu, podhu arivu, eluthaarvam ellam super...
    Keep it up..

    --> Smart nee sonna maathiri comment eluthiteen, panam transfer pannidu.
    --> Makkala manichikoonga, blog eluthu blog elutunu uyira vaangaran, adhu than eluthineen

  2. Jayaraj,
    I think the comment written
    by you is heartfelt...:-)
    I dont understand whts all
    in the post scriptum..:-)

  3. Thanks for sharing the article ' The Audacity of Hope'!!

    Your views and analysis r much impressive!

    Gud post Sen !!


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