Monday, October 21, 2013

What will you do when there is no internet / TV

Whenever I move home, getting a net connection is usually a nightmare for me.
Some 15 days before we moved home, spoke to ISP called Sky for broadband and telephone connection so that we can get the connection by the time we go to our new home. Only on the day of the appointment when no one turned up for installation we came to know the jokers somehow screwed up by entering some address in Manchester wrongly. How could they possibly enter Manchester address instead of Farnborough address which are hundreds of miles apart.
Spent ages on telephone speaking to their customer care/being put on hold to hear music/being transferred to different departments/yelling at them on their incompetence…
At one point, I actually started acquiring zen like calmness and inner peace when I know I can’t do much except to wait. Actually these things mellow you a lot.Remember Sheldon in Big Bang Theory telling that he waited for 2 hours over phone in AT&T customer service queue just to complain about their customer service waiting times.

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It is one of the rarest moments when you have no internet/telephone and TV, you are left with so much of time that you can sit back and ponder about life,spend time with your wife/loved ones or watch the pending list of movies in the hard disk. I did the last two. Watched Denzel Washington’s “The Great Debaters”. Tells about the difficulty and tribulations of being afro-americans in 1930’s America. When the system(or you can call it government) that is supposed to take care of people fails Or when the law is unjust. People resist( by civil disobedience.) or rebel(violence). I remember the last dialogue in that movie.

"An unjust law is no law at all”, Which means I have a right, even a duty to resist. With violence or civil disobedience. You should pray I choose the latter.

We got used to no internet/ no tv days. Actually we got more time to talk and went for long walks. You should try this no internet/ no tv for a week and see the difference it makes to your daily routine. The only regret being..couldn't watch Beyonce  in "All the Single ladies", the nerdy bunch in The big bang theory and Vijay TV Super singer.

Some 3 weeks later on the new appointment date, an engineer came and installed Sky TV which came free, a service which we didn’t ask.Then he tested something on the telephone socket in the wall, looked at us. My wife and I eagerly looked at him. He turned his eyes back to the telephone socket and told that it is connected at this end and Sky needs to find the exchange to plug in the other end. By the time we realized the potential impact of those lines he is gone. Please read the first sentence of the second paragraph again

Never thought I would stop by to watch Sky arts1 channel when changing channels.It was a program on John Lennon composing in Ascot,near London in 1971 with Yuko Ono. Watched with astonishment, the Beatle who gave “Give peace a chance” and “Imagine” strolling in the nearby fields smoking/drinking with Yuko.On the other side, thought about the musical geniuses like Ilayaraja and Rahman who are deeply religious.

Couldn’t understand where music comes from. Remembered Vadivelu’s comedy “Isai engirunthu varukirathu”..

Between, the next appointment for Sky folks to install BB and Tel is 3 weeks from today.
The wait continues..


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