Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When you get married

I was forewarned by my  beloved friends about the perils of going to shopping with wife.But you just can't avoid this.(Couldn't convince her I have a stomach-ache every time).
I indeed listened carefully to the words of wisdom by my friends who were married for a long time about the do s and don't s.

It was Marks and Spencer, Camberly.People told that it is one of the biggest stores in UK and contains all the new collections and varieties.First mistake.We went in the morning just after having breakfast.She just skimmed through women's section and told me..

"Ennanga, let's start with cardigan/tops first, move on to jeans then shoes and finally to accessories section if we have time else we will shop for accessories in Central London,enna sollreenga"

Very systematic!

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She started browsing/selecting/going to trial room/asking my opinion--not necessarily in the same order.Then came a bouncer.

"Ennanga, does this dress look good"-pointing me to a model wearing a costliest clothing in the advert picture which I was looking.

You should tread carefully.You should understand the ambiguity in the question.The  answer you give will have consequences which may potentially last for a very long time.

If you say, "It looks good for the model in the picture", odds are that you will not get good food for at least a week.

Neither should you ask," Do you mean, will it look good if you wear"

I gave an assuring smile and told her,"You should certainly try this.."
 We had lunch in the cafeteria in M&S.

I was holding her three selected shirts and sitting in the only available cushion chair in front of the trial rooms section.I was about to stand to give the seat to a 60's something old man who came nearby clutching some clothes.He told me to sit.How nice of him.Seems he is also waiting for his wife.

He smiled at me and asked

"Waiting for your wife..?"


"Newly married...?"


Then he gave a (sarcastic)simper and said,

"Long way to go young man..."

The words still reverberate in my mind!

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I  rarely do my office work at home.It was one of those occasion when a super critical 4G LTE  issue was escalated by our customer and starting from VPs to Directors to Senior managers were in the CC list of that mail.When I opened MS Outlook 2010 to update the thread, my wife came with a cup of tea and sat near me and looked at the mail.

I bragged her how critical the issue is, the importance of  the job I am doing and told her that it is being followed up by our experts across the globe and showed her the mug shot pictures of people in CC who were involved, which comes in the reading pane of Outlook.Looks like she was not really impressed.

"Seems you guys botched up something big time and your customer is chasing you folks,And those mug shot pics..." Then she gave a  pause,pondered and said,"Looks to me like the people responsible for this issue.. something like pictures of absconding criminals displayed in police station for a crime"

She then switched on the TV and started watching Big Bang Theory..

I think I should never do office work at home.


  1. Welcome to the club ;)

    1. Smart it was me - Veera. It said "Unknown", just wanted to clarify. I was the first one to warn you and probably first one to comment here :)

  2. ஊருலிருந்தா சொல்லியாவது அழலாம் ... இங்க இப்படித்தான்.

    ஆமா பிறந்தநாள்-ம் நல்லா நியபகத்தில வச்சிக்கமுடியும்ல ? இல்லன்னா ஒரு முறை மறந்து பாருங்க அப்பரம் பிறந்த நாள்-ல ஆரம்பிச்சு வரம் மாசம் வருசம்ன்னு எல்லாம் பசுமரத்தாணி போல பதிஞ்சிடும் ..

    ஏம்பா தனியா கூட்டிட்டு போனதுக்கே ஒரு பக்கம் வந்திடுச்சே கூட அக்கா தங்கச்சி எல்லாம் வந்திருந்தா ?

  3. Anonymous12:57 AM

    I thought I would give you 6 months before you would come up with a blog like this and just looked at the calendar and it is 6 months since you got married!

    Couple of points:
    You mention 'First mistake' in your blog! Not when you went to M&S! It was six months earlier!

    The old man whom you saw perhaps has been waiting outside since he was young! Lucky you, managed to get home at least!

    As they say in Hindi, 'marriage is like dilli ka laddu' - whoever eats suffers and whoever doesn't get to eat also suffers! Expect more blogs from you on this topic, if you manage to keep this blog away from your wife's eyes!

  4. Good one, smart !

  5. Anonymous10:57 PM

    you made a big mistake smart! , wait till your wife find out what you wrote about her :)

  6. Anonymous11:43 PM

    hi senthil,
    read it atlast . was very nice . expecting many more from you . spoke to kalai today and told her will definitely read it and athisayam aanaal unmai i have read it the same day.
    u should be like ur maama , kaasa kuduthitu, town centre'la drop pannittu , shopping mudincha piragu neeyae bus pidichu veetukku vanthidunu sonnaar . same 6 mths after wedding [ couple of days after boxing day ] . U must be thinking while reading this ...PUTHISAALI . chinna sugestion ...paesama oru additional credit/debit card kuduthiru senthil . akkaaaaa!!!! 'nu nee katharathu bolton varai kaekuthu.


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