Monday, June 20, 2005

Film Review-Anniyan

Starring : Vikram, Sada, Prakash raj,Vivek.
Direction :Shankar.
Artists :Harris Jeyaraj, Sujatha, Sabu cyril.

Enough of all the Multiple Personality Disorder
debates. If we can google and find what is
Chaos theory,then... Got it? Fine.
That is the knot of Anniyan movie.

A small negligence by a human being may lead to

a catastrophic end.A four-wheeler who violates
the overtaking rules and blocking the
ambulance(No,I am not referring the Bangalore
traffic!) is virtually killing the person inside it.
A small mistake..but a deadly end!

You need guts to build a story on that theme.
Shankar has that.

Director Shankar sacrificed the first 30 minutes

of the films pace just to explain this theme.
The Hero of the movie Ambi(Vikram) is a martinet
who hate disorders. He just wants to see an
utopian world in place,but gets traumatised by the
chaos,negligence by each and everyone, which
makes him to acquire a MPD who is nothing
but Anniyan. He ruthlessly kills the people
violates the rules.

And another MPD is Remo, a modern macho with

a "US return" kind of accent and this MPD happens
just to make Nandhini(sada) fall in love who
dislikes Ambi.Ohhh...Interesting!

Vikram.Well, the ability to distinguish the facial

changes and body language of two contrasting
haracters(Ambi and Anniyan) with an
elan in a split second(during Prakash raj

Interrogation) speaks he is at par with our own
yardstick for acting-Kamal Hassan.

Sada...Yes,I switched my loyalty to sada now.
The "Iyangaaru girl" role suits her.She is beautiful.
Prakash raj is good,as usual.Sujatha's dialogues are
as sharp as a razor edge.

Stunt scenes are stupefying, that too the fight

with karate students(Is it karate?) fills us with
a sense of astonishment. It resembles me of
Jackie chan movies.By the way who is that
stunt master Peter Hayen?
Is he new to kollywood.

Harris Jeyaraj is at his best.My colleagues

started commenting that even I recognize raga.
Yep,Iyangaaru veeta Azaghe is dulcet in
Naatai raga(remember Chennai
The picturisation of all the songs are feast to

our eyes.

Seems Shankar bounced back with a
after Boys. A strong message to the society,
with a very talented and commited actor on his
side and accompanied by veterans in the
respective field,Sabu cyril for art direction and
Sujatha for
dialogues,he almost did it again.

Some of my friends keep telling that the
would have been good,had the first half
been a bit fast..

I dont believe in "First half is slow, second
half is
good" kind of comments. The movie is good.



  1. hmm,.... havnt watched the movie yet...some wasnt good..your review doesnt take a specific stance...anyways...another good one..with great techi reading your reviews are like watching that "madan's thirai parvai" ... keep going...looks like you gonna end up in the filmi industry ,,, and not in sw...


  2. Good one da Smart...
    Both the movie and your write-up.
    Keep going!


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