Friday, April 22, 2005

No, It is not a movie review

The only thing that is constant in this world is change.This seems to hold good w.r.t me and to my 2nd std studying cousin.We are the only two in our family who keep changing our allegiance to actresses.Once we were great fans of Manisha,then we switched our loyalty to Aishwarya Rai,then to Simran,Jyothika,Trisha,Asin. Ofcourse quite a rapid transition,but until last week,we were devoted fans of Nayanthara.

My sister keeps telling that we keep switching loyalties.

Alaas, she didn't know that the only thing that is constant
in this world is change!

Whenever I go to my native Dharmapuri,I see a mentally challenged person roaming in the streets near the bus stand.Ofcourse he gets food, which were given by the near by shop owners and the passers by,but the quality of life he lives is pathetic.I have seen him many days sleeping on the stairs of the shops even if it is raining,with almost no clothes.He becomes furious and uncontrollable when some miscreants or some school going children throws stone at him....Miserable.

My friend Balu and myself went to a saloon shop.This person is usually seen in that street.We were told that his name is kannapan.Seems the barber in the saloon knows kannapan and he also gives him food.

"why dont kannapan be taken to an asylum or some ashramam, probabaly he may have better quality of life",Balu told the barber.

"Better quality of life?"-barber

"we will arrange for that.And therez an ashram in bangalore,
which takes care of ..."

"Thambhi, he somehow(?) gets the food daily and he sleeps in the stairs of the shops,then what else he need"

We were startled by his stoic reply.

Then we went and spoke to a "relative" of kannappan.

"what do you mean by better quality of life?", kannapan's relative.

"No,If admitted to an asylum, atleast he can have good place to sleep and there are chances of recuperating", this is Balu

"He gets the food daily.then what else he need.
Is there a problem for both of you, if he is here",

"No, but.."

Then the door was closed.

I am unable to convince Balu, since he took great pains to get a police certificate, certificating kannapan as a destitute, a requirement the ashram people asked.

Even when we were boarding the bus to Bangalore that evening,he was pre-occupied with that incident.

I tried convincing him,"Machi, come on da, anyhow he gets the food for his living".

The answer which, even, I am not convinced with.


  1. Hi Senthil,

    I fully agree with the barber and his relatives words.
    Its not that food or shelter or clothes give you happines.I mean all who r
    having food, shelter and clothes are not happy. So if he is happy roaming
    around in ur home town then u are actually taking away his happiness by
    brining him to asylums. So please dont do that. Happiness is different for
    different people. So without he liking to move out you shouldnt get the
    mentally chalanged person from the current place.


  2. Hi Senthil,
    Cud see the gud heart of urs and ur friend Balu's.

    But, I totally agree with the previous comment in this post by Vathsa.
    'Happiness is different for
    different people./


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