Monday, April 11, 2005

Film Review--Black

It is my first review(?!) on a movie...
Hope you like this.

I usually argue with my hindi speaking friends that bollywood doesnt dare to take soft,elegant,non-skin revealing movies but I have been proved wrong for the second time!.
Yes, Black is of that kind.

Developing a script with a storyline of a blind and deaf girl(Rani Mukerjee)
needs extra-ordinary brilliance and story writing skills.Director Bhansali portrays himself as a story writer too.

Well, A.Bachan is the teacher of the violent,rude girl who is blind and deaf by birth who doesnt even know the gentle way of having food.He steps in her blind,mystic world, struggles a lot,to unravel her talents and he makes her to graduate from the college.Alas, but he is bed ridden with Alzheimers when she attires her Graduation suite.

The pondicheery girl who acted in Rani Mukerjee's childhood character will get her fifteen minutes of fame she deserves.

Rani Mukerjee would have been very happy for doing this character and her acting speaks a lot,if not the character itself!

I dont think it it necessary to comment on Amitabh's acting bollywood people say, he is a superstar.

Cameraman Santhosh Shivan is the real hero.He seems to have mastered the art of creating magic with his camera and to mesmerise the audience with all those contrasting panoramic, picturesque scenes that blossoms in the 70mm screen in front of us.There are two kinds of technicians, Intellectuals and Magicians.Santhosh Shivan is a magician in his own field.

Just spend 3 hours, if you hadnt seen it ....



  1. Seems to be good

  2. good start da smart ! LOOKS VERY PROFESSIONAL

  3. Nicely written review. But just a correction Ravi Chandran is the cinematographer and no Santhosh Sivan.


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