Friday, October 23, 2009

How to carry out a genocide and go scotfree-Mahinda Rajapakse style.

Firstly amass weapons.

Get all the necessary mass destruction weapons from other countries.
China is a good candidate for weapons procurement to carry out the genocide of Tamils.
After all,they killed their own poeple who protested in Tiananmen square,complicit in
Darfur genocide,have interests in Indian ocean and more over they dont give a damn about human rights...!

Noam Chomsky,சர்வதேச ஊடகங்கள் மற்றும் ஈழப்போராட்டம்

Then India.Sonia Gandhi led Congress certainly wants to revenge Tamil tigers for Rajiv's assasination.Get advanced radars,military equipments and training for the pilots.They will always lie that India never provided any help to Srilanka for the sake of getting votes in Tamil Nadu.

Pakistan.It is already a screwed-up country with no democracy.You can use it the way you want.
Get the fighter jets and deadly weapons from them.

Nextly,the most important thing.Propaganda.
Carrying out genocide of tamils is easy.
Difficulty is doing it without witness. Ask Red cross,Amnesty international
to leave the war zone.Coerce,harass,threaten them to leave the war zone.
War sans witness is the key.

Project the Tamil tigers as terrorists.Western media and even Indian media call them fighters,rebels.Flood disinformation.Call them terrorists.Manipulate people's mind.
The agenda is genocide,propaganda is "counter-terrorism"Manufacture consent in the people's mind.Remember Goebbels, Hitlers propaganda minister.Follow in his foot steps.
If you repeat the same lie over and over again, at one point it does become "true" in peoples mind.

Call unix-administrator Gothabaya Rajapakse from USA.Give him defence secretary post.
Sarath Fonseka says 99% of tamils in Srilanka are terrorists.He is the man to do the job.
Fine.All things are set for carrying out ethnic cleansing of tamils.

Now,launch the brutal war with the agenda of killing the tamils, on the pretext of defeating the Tamil tigers.Tamil tigers accuse SL pulling out of ceasefire agreement.Who cares.
Capture Killinochi.Thousands of tamils killed.Many wounded.Thousands of people displaced.
ICRC and Amnesty calls for cease-fire and urgent help.ICRC doctors and independent
journalists provide information on the continuing calamity of the war.Clear them off the war-zone.Remember.No witness to the genocide.

Tamil magazines write about the genocide of tamils by SL army.
Now there are protests in Tamil Nadu.Use Hindu N.Ram for black propaganda to counter this.
After all he was conferred Lanka Ratna.He will do the job of misleading people
with disinformation and will certainly spill venom on Tamil tigers.

Provide the information hungry Indian media
with disinformation.Ask them to talk about Rajiv's assasination.
Why Rajiv was assasinated?Well, no indian english media and no one will talk about IPKF's atrocity of killing thousands of tamil civilians and raping tamil women in 1987.
Next propaganda.Tell media that Tamil tigers are shooting tamil people trying to come to government-prescribed “safety zone”Project them as terrorists.Well,if Tamil tigers shoot their own people why they ask for ICRC and independent journalists to be allowed in war-zone..!!
Hide this information. Dont allow any international journalists to the war-zone,else they will know the truth about "safety zones", a euphemism for Tamil killing fields.

Make sure there is no media to describe the pain and anguish of the tamil people during this ruthless war.Make sure their voices are unheard.
Ibnlive and NDTV will be happy to do arm-chair journalism on the war in Srilanka and use the fabricated information provided by SL. After all what they need is news.

Lasantha Wickrematunge tells the truth about extra judicial killings,disappearances,white van abductions of Tamils and the reporters in his news paper Sunday Leader.Assasinate him.Sunday Leader publishes his article "And then they came for me" after Lasantha's death.Ask Gothabaya Rajapakse to call Lasantha,the editor of tabloid.Defame him.

Time magazine writes an article on the Genocide carried out by SL army.
The Times,Guardian,BBC,Telegraph write about the humanitarian crisis and the ethnic cleansing.Ohhh..Make it quick.Kill as much people as you can
and finish the war at any cost before international community intervenes.

Bomb the hospitals.International community says it is against Article 18 of Fourth Geneva conventions.Who cares?As Gothabaya Rajapakse quoted, after all Sri Lanka conducted at least 6000 bombing sorties in Vanni within last two years and each bombing
sortie unloading 1000 kg lethal bombs on Tamil people.
Srilanka is the only country in the world to bomb its own citizens using air-force sorties.
More than 20,000 civilians were killed in the final months of war.
The remaining doctors and ICRC members say unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe is happening in Mullivaikal.Thousands killed in Mullivaikal in the final days of war.They are just numbers.Huh..perfecting the art of genocide!

Herd 3 lakh tamil people behind the barbed wires in internment camps.Human rights?What human rights?When the whole world watched the genocide of tamils, who will give a damn
about 3 lakh tamil people in internment camps.
If you are powerful,you can get away with anything.Have fun!


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Good work Senthil. Also SL Embassy in Chennai "bought" several journalist including Vikatan's journalist.

  2. I am a regular reader of Vikatan and Kumudam..I think those
    are the only magazines who reported the genocide by the SL government..
    and the sufferings of tamils...


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