Thursday, July 07, 2005

My new bicycle experiences

The moment I told my friends that I am going to buy a bicycle,
the first question they asked me is, "Senthil, Are you okaay?"
But I bought the cycle inspite of the apprehensions my friends had.

Seems cycle riders are considered to be of lesser mortals!
On the busy Bommenahalli-Hosur road,people never heed the
cycle's bell sound,neither they do heed the two-wheelers horn
is a different issue!.(My friend really made a fun out of me when
I told that no one pays attention to the cycle bell sound).

What really irked me is the way, the guy on a Hero-Honda Karizma
looked at my cycle when I parked near his vehicle in the signal.
I still cant digest that, "ohhww... cycleee!" kind of stare that he has given.

But the worst thing is that I was not allowed to park in my office
basement.I had a bitter quarrel with the security person.

"Saar, stop, stop"- this is security person,the same guy who always
lets me in when I go in my bike.

"why?"- this is myself.

"Saar, are you an employee?"

I showed my access card.

"cycles cant be parked inside the basement"

"But even it is a two-wheeler,It is a new Atlas cycle that I bought..."

"No saar,not allowed"

He is not convinced with my answer and he made me to wait.
He then spoke to his boss and they discussed something

seriously(??) for 2 minutes and I was allowed to park in
some far corner of the basement.Thanks!.
I should have taken my friends advice to go in my Pulsar itself.

I still remember the sweet pleasant day when I rode my new bicycle
that my father bought for me during my 6th std and the fuss
I created for getting it. I didnt had good sleep the previous night,
I was dreaming about the cycle and the ways to brag about it
to my friends. And I remember the jealousy looks by my
school- mates when I rode it the first day.

Seems first love and first cycle ride are unforgettable sweet memories.
I dont think I will be getting the same happiness even if I buy a Merc Benz.


  1. I appreciate your move of getting a bicycle. I believe that one should go by his intuitions and should be brave to break the often-stupid-society-norms like "a software engineer buys a bike or car" thought.

    If you like to ride a bicycle, u buy it. If you like to eat rice with hand, you do it. If you like leaving office at 6, you leave at 6 ! simple.

    Worrying about "what others think" is useless.

    liked ur post... write more such stuff...

    ak :)

  2. Truly Statisfaction comes from heart and what you desire.

    I remember a saying "desire is mother of all worries"! (or something like that)

    Even after acquiring Merc, one could start thinking about Bently or Maybach. Being contended with what you have is the best way to live!

  3. Bi-cycle woes. Me too - me too

  4. Bi-cycle woes. Me too - me too.

  5. [ please ignore any mistakes in my writing)
    hey, ur desire and pleasure should not bother others. if u wish to ride bicycle do it on road or in the veranda of ur house. y do u want to bother others like security person who was told to do and he didnt do by himself. one more thing, man should be contented or happy with what he has is not always true. if thatz the case, we would have still be roaming nude in the jungles. Wright brothers wouldn't have come up with aeroplanes if they would have had this thought.
    "we still feed food for kids with the same chanda mama story, but Armstrong reached there" ( a phrase from "ammaithi padai")
    one more thing, whatever we do in child hood will give happiness since we were with less responsiblities etc etc. not only bicycle if would have bought mercedes benz, i am sure u would have had the same happiness. so happiness is not in bicycle but its in time and situation ... some thing like that.

    lot to tell but i got xam in few minutes.....


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