Thursday, July 21, 2005

Weekend trip photos -Belur and Halebidu

Belur and Halebidu,240 kms from Bangalore, the masterpiece of Hoysala rulers.
And the doors open, for the Nandhi...!

Weekend trip photos -On the way to...

Bekal Fort, Kerala,built by the Portugese. It is 50kms from Mangalore.

Weekend trip photos -Bekal Fort

Manisha Koirala,
Bombay movie,
Uyirea song...

Yep, you got it!

Weekend trip photos -Moodabidri

1000 pillar Jain temple in Moodabidri,
35kms north east of Mangalore.
It is called as "kashi of Jains".

Weekend trip photos -Kudremukh

Finally the photograper(?!) with his
Canon camera.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My new bicycle experiences

The moment I told my friends that I am going to buy a bicycle,
the first question they asked me is, "Senthil, Are you okaay?"
But I bought the cycle inspite of the apprehensions my friends had.

Seems cycle riders are considered to be of lesser mortals!
On the busy Bommenahalli-Hosur road,people never heed the
cycle's bell sound,neither they do heed the two-wheelers horn
is a different issue!.(My friend really made a fun out of me when
I told that no one pays attention to the cycle bell sound).

What really irked me is the way, the guy on a Hero-Honda Karizma
looked at my cycle when I parked near his vehicle in the signal.
I still cant digest that, "ohhww... cycleee!" kind of stare that he has given.

But the worst thing is that I was not allowed to park in my office
basement.I had a bitter quarrel with the security person.

"Saar, stop, stop"- this is security person,the same guy who always
lets me in when I go in my bike.

"why?"- this is myself.

"Saar, are you an employee?"

I showed my access card.

"cycles cant be parked inside the basement"

"But even it is a two-wheeler,It is a new Atlas cycle that I bought..."

"No saar,not allowed"

He is not convinced with my answer and he made me to wait.
He then spoke to his boss and they discussed something

seriously(??) for 2 minutes and I was allowed to park in
some far corner of the basement.Thanks!.
I should have taken my friends advice to go in my Pulsar itself.

I still remember the sweet pleasant day when I rode my new bicycle
that my father bought for me during my 6th std and the fuss
I created for getting it. I didnt had good sleep the previous night,
I was dreaming about the cycle and the ways to brag about it
to my friends. And I remember the jealousy looks by my
school- mates when I rode it the first day.

Seems first love and first cycle ride are unforgettable sweet memories.
I dont think I will be getting the same happiness even if I buy a Merc Benz.
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