Friday, April 22, 2005

No, It is not a movie review

The only thing that is constant in this world is change.This seems to hold good w.r.t me and to my 2nd std studying cousin.We are the only two in our family who keep changing our allegiance to actresses.Once we were great fans of Manisha,then we switched our loyalty to Aishwarya Rai,then to Simran,Jyothika,Trisha,Asin. Ofcourse quite a rapid transition,but until last week,we were devoted fans of Nayanthara.

My sister keeps telling that we keep switching loyalties.

Alaas, she didn't know that the only thing that is constant
in this world is change!

Whenever I go to my native Dharmapuri,I see a mentally challenged person roaming in the streets near the bus stand.Ofcourse he gets food, which were given by the near by shop owners and the passers by,but the quality of life he lives is pathetic.I have seen him many days sleeping on the stairs of the shops even if it is raining,with almost no clothes.He becomes furious and uncontrollable when some miscreants or some school going children throws stone at him....Miserable.

My friend Balu and myself went to a saloon shop.This person is usually seen in that street.We were told that his name is kannapan.Seems the barber in the saloon knows kannapan and he also gives him food.

"why dont kannapan be taken to an asylum or some ashramam, probabaly he may have better quality of life",Balu told the barber.

"Better quality of life?"-barber

"we will arrange for that.And therez an ashram in bangalore,
which takes care of ..."

"Thambhi, he somehow(?) gets the food daily and he sleeps in the stairs of the shops,then what else he need"

We were startled by his stoic reply.

Then we went and spoke to a "relative" of kannappan.

"what do you mean by better quality of life?", kannapan's relative.

"No,If admitted to an asylum, atleast he can have good place to sleep and there are chances of recuperating", this is Balu

"He gets the food daily.then what else he need.
Is there a problem for both of you, if he is here",

"No, but.."

Then the door was closed.

I am unable to convince Balu, since he took great pains to get a police certificate, certificating kannapan as a destitute, a requirement the ashram people asked.

Even when we were boarding the bus to Bangalore that evening,he was pre-occupied with that incident.

I tried convincing him,"Machi, come on da, anyhow he gets the food for his living".

The answer which, even, I am not convinced with.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Film Review--Chandramuki

Starring : Superstar Rajinikanth, Jyothika, Nayanthara,Prabhu,Vadivel.

Mad applause erupted,hell broke loose,in a
Bangalore Multiplex, filled to brim with so
called decent,urbane,genteel people.
It all happened when Superstar entered the scene
in his latest movie Chandramuki. It speaks
the craze,the charm,the charisma,the Superstar enjoys.

Rajini is a psychiatrist, a role, which an ordinary
fan wouldn't have expected. The story is how
Rajini cures his friend Prabhu's wife Jyothika
who is having Multiple Personality Disorder.

Quite an eccentric story for Superstar's caliber
and his "larger-than-life" kind of image he has.
But Director Vasu handled the story in such a
way that Superstar's fans dont get disappointed
even though the storyline runs in the mainstream.

Vadivel is fast getting moulded to a persona
whose dominance in Tamil film industry is
inevitable.His own Madurai-slang and the way
he reacts to the witty circumstances is hilarious.

Nayanthara is beautiful,but Jyothika is the one
who steals the show for her exquisite acting.
I always argue that shez not only charming
but also a good actress, happy to know that
it has been proved again.

A Telugu song in a Tamil movie....thatz interesting!
Ra ra (telugu)song is quintessential of
Shuddha dhanyasi raga.
I think it is almost perfectly sandwiched on the raga.

My friend asked, is Chandramuki a remake of
Mani chithirataal or a remake of Aaptha mitra?.
Well, I retorted saying, it is Superstar's movie.

My friend keeps telling, one of the beautiful things
in life is watching a Rajinikanth's movie.Yes it is.


Film Review--Black

It is my first review(?!) on a movie...
Hope you like this.

I usually argue with my hindi speaking friends that bollywood doesnt dare to take soft,elegant,non-skin revealing movies but I have been proved wrong for the second time!.
Yes, Black is of that kind.

Developing a script with a storyline of a blind and deaf girl(Rani Mukerjee)
needs extra-ordinary brilliance and story writing skills.Director Bhansali portrays himself as a story writer too.

Well, A.Bachan is the teacher of the violent,rude girl who is blind and deaf by birth who doesnt even know the gentle way of having food.He steps in her blind,mystic world, struggles a lot,to unravel her talents and he makes her to graduate from the college.Alas, but he is bed ridden with Alzheimers when she attires her Graduation suite.

The pondicheery girl who acted in Rani Mukerjee's childhood character will get her fifteen minutes of fame she deserves.

Rani Mukerjee would have been very happy for doing this character and her acting speaks a lot,if not the character itself!

I dont think it it necessary to comment on Amitabh's acting bollywood people say, he is a superstar.

Cameraman Santhosh Shivan is the real hero.He seems to have mastered the art of creating magic with his camera and to mesmerise the audience with all those contrasting panoramic, picturesque scenes that blossoms in the 70mm screen in front of us.There are two kinds of technicians, Intellectuals and Magicians.Santhosh Shivan is a magician in his own field.

Just spend 3 hours, if you hadnt seen it ....

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